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  • Wednesday, 11 November 2015 17:37

These days we are constantly being urged to recycle everything we can - even our Toner cartridges. This is generally good advice, however, when it comes to ribbon, ink & toner cartridges we should in fact be reusing them first and only recycling when they are truly at their end of life, not just empty. We know, you get this sort of advice all the time but think about it.

Manufacturing a new toner cartridge uses energy, water, oil, non-renewable resources and produces greenhouse gases and waste. Each time you throw your empty cartridge into a recycling box, a new one has to be made to replace it. It takes three litres of oil to produce just one new toner cartridge!

RE-USE your empty cartridges by sending them to UAS to be remanufactured. They are fully guaranteed, will not void your warranty, help save the environment AND they save you money!

You have nothing to lose.

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